Pangborn Group

The Pangborn Group with its brands – Pangborn Corporation, Berger Strahltechnik, Pangborn China, Pangborn Europe, Pangborn SES and V+S Vogel & Schemmann has been a world-leading manufacturer of complete and innovative surface preparation systems, equipment and services since 1904. Built on a reputation for excellence in design, engineering, and service, the market trust Pangborn to [...]

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Four dedusting filter plants type FS

January 2013: Four dedusting filter plants type FS commissioned at Gauteng based foundry, all with emission warranty of residual dust in the clean gas: max. 10 mg/Nm3 dry, measured according to VDI 2066. Applications: 8500 m3/h and 9300 m3/h filter units for sand storage and silo and reclamation tower. 40.000 m3/h filter plant for two [...]

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Nederman: Dust and fume extraction filter plants for reducing environmental impacts from industrial production, create better working environments and boost production efficiency. Highly efficient bag house dust collectors for applications such as extraction of hazardous fumes at the furnace and dust at Moulding lines and sand plant, dedusting for shot blast machines, fettling shops, etc. [...]

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Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd.

Omega Foundry Machinery was formed in 1984 as a result of a management buy out from parent company Baker Perkins. Since that time the company has continued to specialise in the manufacture of equipment for the “chemically bonded” or “no-bake” process. Today, Omega provides state-of-the-art engineering, design and manufacture for Sand Mixing, Mould Handling, Reclamation, [...]

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