A1 Roper Ltd.

With more than 90 years of excellent reputation within the foundry industry, A1 Roper started as E.A. Roper & Co. in 1921. A1 Roper is at the forefront of high quality foundry ladle design philosophy and engineering from their UK base in Keighley, Yorkshire. The company is renowned for the world class Roper ‘self-locking’ oil [...]

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Endeco-Omega Foundry Machinery (Pty) Ltd.

Based in Alberton, Johannesburg this joint venture between Endeco South Africa and Omega Foundry Machinery, UK offers more 60 years combined top quality experience in the design and supply of foundry equipment. Endeco-Omega’s facilities and well-trained personnel provide full market support in terms of installation, service and repairs, spare parts availability and, manufacturing of the [...]

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Simpson Technologies

Simpson Technologies, founded in 1912, is concentrated on the design and manufacture of technology and services for the worldwide metal casting and chemical process industries. Primary products include batch and continuous green sand mixing equipment, sand coolers, on-line mixer controls, sand reclamation systems, sand laboratory equipment and related control and automation systems.

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Clansman Dynamics

Clansman Dynamics has a wide range of specifically designed and robust foundry solutions installed globally in some of the toughest environments.  Superior reliability and maximum simplicity means more uptime, lower maintenance costs and smoother production. The product range includes, manipulators, grinding units, knock-off hammers, wedges, power-breakers. www.clansmandynamics.com

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Whiting Equipment Canada Inc.

Whiting Equipment has manufactured equipment for the primary metals industry since 1884 and provides worldwide industries with a source for virtually all metallurgical equipment and systems involved in the melting, holding and transporting of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals; Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladles, AOD Systems, Transfer Cars, Electric Arc Furnace Upgrades for Steel Mill, Foundry and [...]

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Otto Junker GmbH

Founded in 1924, Otto Junker GmbH has accumulated more than 80 years of experience in the development, design and operation of melting, pouring and heat-treatment systems for the foundry industry as well as for extrusion and rolling mills producing semi-finished products of non-ferrous metals. Otto Junker is a leading manufacturer of medium frequency melting, holding [...]

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Euro-Equip, S.L.

Since it was founded in 1974 Euro-Equip has played an important part in modernizing foundries globally to the highest level. Products include the EUR-27 automatic inoculation system and the runner braker which is designed to break runners and gatings i.e. increase density of re-melts to increase efficiencies of the furnace plant. www.euroequip.es

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Pangborn Group

The Pangborn Group with its brands – Pangborn Corporation, Berger Strahltechnik, Pangborn China, Pangborn Europe, Pangborn SES and V+S Vogel & Schemmann has been a world-leading manufacturer of complete and innovative surface preparation systems, equipment and services since 1904. Built on a reputation for excellence in design, engineering, and service, the market trust Pangborn to [...]

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Nederman: Dust and fume extraction filter plants for reducing environmental impacts from industrial production, create better working environments and boost production efficiency. Highly efficient bag house dust collectors for applications such as extraction of hazardous fumes at the furnace and dust at Moulding lines and sand plant, dedusting for shot blast machines, fettling shops, etc. [...]

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