Mondeco Solutions

We represent leading international manufacturers of high-quality equipment used in the metal sectors.


Servicing the metal sectors in Southern Africa.

Mondeco Solutions is the sales agent in South Africa for a range of premier international manufacturers that specialise in supplying machinery, expertise, and solutions to various industries, including foundries, forge, aluminium smelters, steel plants, steel fabricators and mining.


Melting and Dosing:
  • Melting and holding furnaces for light metal
  • Transfer and dosing systems
  • Digital furnace solutions
  • Ladle Equipment
  • High-pressure die-casting machines
  • Low-pressure casting machines
  • Vertical moulding for green sand
  • Match plate moulding
  • Horizontal moulding solutions
  • Carousel, fast-loop, and shuttle mould handling
Core and Sand Preparation:
  • Core making
  • Greensand coolers
  • Continuous sand mixers
  • Mechanical and thermal sand reclamation
  • Polygonal screens
  • Cooling drums
  • Sand testing equipment
Cleaning and Finishing:
  • Manipulators and grinding units
  • Decoring equipment
  • Fettling machinery
  • Robotic finishing cells
  • Knock-off hammers
  • Shot blasting machines
  • Shot peening machines
  • Runner crushers
Air Quality Control:
  • Extraction hoods
  • Dedusting filters
Engineering, Services and aftermarket:
  • Digital machine monitoring
  • Engineering and turnkey solutions
  • Machine refurbishment and upgrades
  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • Wear parts
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Our focus is on ensuring the seamless integration and sustained performance of every new machine and equipment upgrade, guaranteeing your long-term success.

Mondeco Solutions will support you in safeguarding the efficiency and longevity of your equipment to ensure optimal performance well beyond the initial purchase.

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